Penguin Random House

Magisterium app

The Brief

Magisterium - The iron Trial is the first book in the series from well known authors Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments) and Holly Black (The Spiderwick Chronicles). Highly anticipated and already awarded one of the most anticipated books for Autumn 2014 by Publishers Weekly, we were approached by Random House Childrens publishers to produce an app that would actively engage and build a sustained online following.

The Product

Magisterium: The trials, tests the players skill and expertise with a number of fiendish puzzles and games. Each of the trials is based upon one of the elements taken from the book. (In the book the mages have to learn to control each element in turn as a part of their ongoing training).

Suitably atmospheric and not easy to pass each of the trials, rewards effort and concentration. Once each trial has been successfully completed downloadable content is available. When all of the trials have been completed a reward is offered in the form of a grand prize draw.

The Result

Magisterium: The Trials has already had fantastic feedback from a committed army of mages, ready to do battles with armies of darkness.

Pleasing the audience is our primary aim, but when we hear of praise from the author, that makes us very happy too! This from Holly Black:

Go check out the beautiful Magisterium game at

So cool!!