Penguin Random House

Young Bond

The Brief

Having already produced a number of fully featured game based apps, we were approached by Random House Childrens Publishers to provide a suitably high spec app to promote and add a game play element to their great new Young Bond website.



The Product

The app is centred around the new Young Bond book - Shoot To Kill. Set in the 1930s it focuses on a young James Bond honing his craft. The app contains 5 'missions' taken from the book. The player must pass each of these missions within a certain time frame in order to attain 'Bond status' and download bonus content.

An interesting consideration to the styling and gameplay is that as the books are set in the 1930s, no modern technology or motifs could be used. Good old back to basics analogue technology. Strictly no digital displays or sonic agitators allowed!


The Result

A slick and stylish app reflective of the Young Bond brand. Spys are at this very minute being recruited to engage in the missions. We will report back with an update regarding mission success.

Over and out.