Penguin Random House

World of Stories website

The Brief

For years Vintage Classics have been publishing some of the best books for adults. With the decision to branch out into children’s literature came the idea to create an online portal that would appeal to a young audience and get them excited about a selection of classic children books: from old favourites to the yet-to-be-discovered. 

The Product

Our bright and inviting web design featured a ‘world of stories’ that tied in with the concept of discovering new realms of reading.

Representing six different categories of books, each island opens up into a separate webpage where users must actively search for hidden treasure. Once enough treasure has been accumulated, more books, games and activities are revealed. 

The Result

World of Stories is an interactive, visually compelling site that allows the user to spend time exploring its multiple features. The varied scenery, music and animations all serve to create an innovative web-browsing experience that makes choosing which book to read both easy and enjoyable.