Transworld Publishers

I Am Pilgrim app

The Brief

I Am Pilgrim is screenwriter Terry Hayes’ debut novel. With the advent of the paperback edition, Transworld sought to gain greater traction for the book, promoting it as the next big thriller. Our goal was to create a facebook game that would generate interest by reproducing the very same challenges featured in the book. 

The Product

Players were required to pass a number of daily tests with the aim of eradicating a global virus. Each completed task could be shared with friends via the app, prompting others to take part. After the completion of ten separate tests, the competition could be unlocked and entered for a chance to win a luxury trip to Turkey.

The Result

The game was played by thousands of people globally and was shared and tweeted under the #iampilgrim and #thisisthebook hashtags. The nature of the game provided a large body of digital content that could be shared everyday on the I Am Pilgrim Facebook page, helping to increase awareness of the title and its gripping subject matter.