Penguin Random House

Jacqueline Wilson website

The Brief

Jacqueline Wilson is Random House’s biggest author, selling over 30 million in the UK alone. She has written 100 books  – and counting.

Our brief was to build a new interactive website that would bring together all the books and much loved characters within a fun, lively setting. We also needed to ensure the site could be updated on a regular basis in order to pull in more visitors and to keep up with the highly prolific Jacqueline.

The Product

We decided to build a virtual town for Jacqueline Wilson fans to hang out in, creating a dynamic, animated homepage full of exciting hustle and bustle. The site was designed to be very user-friendly with all links to new books, games and competitions made easily accessible through a short click journey. We continue to contribute to the project by adding new features as well as seasonal and book-based takeovers. 

The Result

The site currently has close to 200,000 registered users. Membership enables young readers to receive special prizes and partake in a number of activities to inspire their own creativity. So far over 30,000 stories have been written and submitted through the ‘Storyland’ feature. ‘The Gossip’ allows members to chat to one another and write comments on the site. One recent entry stated: ‘This is my favourite website – it couldn’t be any better.’  Customer feedback couldn’t be any better than that.