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Specialists in the entertainment and publishing industry, we add value to books and brands via the creation and promotion of a wide variety of digital and print based products and services.

Whether it’s an app, a responsive website or a fully integrated campaign, our industry skill and experience allow us to quickly and efficiently communicate with your target audience for maximum engagement and retention.

Our People

We like to think we utilise the best people on every project - any reputable agency will say the same. But, we also like to think that we utilise the best teams. At Youniverse we source our teams based upon project suitability not the other way around. Our network of designers, developers and managers are the result of years of experience and collaboration. The result is an interconnected team of specialists who understand both each other and the ultimate aim; to develop and deliver fantastic products and services.

Alex Tuppen

Managing Director

A man with many hats, Alex is responsible for the efficient day to day running of the business, whilst ensuring Youniverse adheres to the highest standards of design and delivery. Advocating an open and communicative work ethic, Alex manages the flow of in house development, delivery and client relationships. He also heads up design and user interface development, lucky chap.

Dale Robins

Lead Developer

Dale is head of development and our esteemed boffin. He's particularly adept at discovering how things work and equally so at working out what’s wrong when they don't! When not up to his elbows in code, he’s likely to be knee-deep in lenses and cameras, or books, or the garden (if you can be knee-deep in a garden).

He has less hats than Alex, but he does have a bow tie. And a beard.

Joe Watts

Game Developer

Sprite handler extraordinaire, Joe is our resident games and responsive design developer. His hobbies include snowboarding, Game Of Thrones quizzes and dressing up as Slash when answering the door. Why? We haven't asked. All the same - terrifying.

(We didn't mention the band did we?)

Falling off Maps

Dave Everitt

Information Architect

Our very own superhighway, Dave is our ‘go to guy’ for all things digital. An information addict/mathematician/programmer (& interactive artist), he continually helps redefine our digital output and the potential of emerging technology to add real interest and value to our switched on lives. Off line, he’s a rather fine singer songwriter. Find out more below.

Can't Push the River

Alice Corps

Studio & Project Manager

Alice is our organisational and logistical linchpin. She ensures that daily studio operation and project management are managed smoothly and effectively. Adept at calming creative minds, she's also a video production geek, our only PHD student and chief mentor to all the up and coming interns.

Denny Einav

Social Media Manager

Denny has worked with a number of major publishers, museums, art galleries and retailers, helping to develop their print and digital content. Her passion for culture and creativity drew her to Youniverse where she researches industry trends and innovations, making sure we continue to break new ground. When she's not too busy movie-marathoning for her Masters in Film, she's running our social media networks. Come say hello on there.

Youniverse news

Gavin Hilzbrich


Gavin's worked in media for almost 20 years and in marketing for the past twelve. A self-confessed ‘marketing person’s dream’, he's only too aware of the importance of influence, engagement and placing the consumer (and their needs) at the core of each project. At Youniverse, he combines his professional and personal knowledge and experience to provide a broad range of marketing services and manage new client acquisition.

Thom Corah

IOS Expert

Thom's our resident IOS expert, making apps, websites, games and other finely crafted interactive stuff. He's also our own mini Matthew Herbert, playing trombone and making various (sometimes unnatural) noises. In his spare time he performs stand-up and lectures at university. He also gets sucked into shows on Netflix too easily, emerging months later slightly disheveled.

Our Culture

The culture of a creative agency is the glue that holds everything together. It allows conversations to take place and ideas to form. At Youniverse our collective of individuals have evolved into a unique team who share an implicit understanding of what needs to be achieved. We are lucky enough to have been in the business long enough now to know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s a culture built on a mutual respect for the skills that each person in the team has, and the fact that without them we couldn’t do what we do. We’re all grown ups (most of the time) and we treat each other like grown ups. We encourage informality, conversations, skill sharing, and airing of difficulties and problems, knowing that ultimately it leads to better solutions and understanding.

At the end of the day, we love what we do and the industry we’re in, and that’s not a bad place from which to grow our company and our network.